Bunky McFee D-day June 6, 1944

If It Wasn’t Recorded . . .
By Lew Holt
Salem, Oregon

Bunky McFee died in 1996. He was one of my old-time fiddler
friends. The morning he died, his wife, Tillie, called me up and said,
“Lew, get out here and get this stuff out of the house or I’ll throw it
in the trash bin.” Bunky’s living room was stacked high with fiddle-
related items. One box I brought home was full of cassette tapes.

In 2007 when I was rummaging through the tapes, I found one that was
labeled “My story of D-day.” I listened to the tape and found it very

I read one time that “if it wasn’t written down, it never happened.”
How true. I have carried it two steps farther: “if it wasn’t recorded,
it never happened.” And “if it wasn’t videotaped, it never happened.”
Through old letters, through cassette tapes, through hundreds of video
tapes, I can enjoy being with my friends again who are no longer with
me. And if Bunky hadn’t taken a few minutes to record his story of D-
day, his participation would never have happened. And if I hadn’t dug a
little deeper into the box of cassette tapes, Bunky’s story of D-day
would never have happened. I am glad that I read the caption on the tape.

I hope you will enjoy Bunky’s recording. Those of us who knew him as a friend and old time fiddler are fortunate.

Click below for his story.

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