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OOTFA Information

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OOTFA History and Bi-Laws (5-13-14)

Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association History

Oregon is divided into 11 districts with each district having its own officers. (10 active districts) The chairmen of the districts serve on the board with the state officers and serve all members. Each year in April the state association has a convention at the fairgrounds at Rickreall. Members come from all over Oregon and from neighboring states to visit and share their music. The third week end in March the state association holds an old time fiddle contest at the Chemeketa Community College in Salem where fiddlers compete for the championship of different age divisions.

The Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association has a variety of members – the fiddle being the primary instrument. Every fiddler wants to have back up so many of our members are guitar players, along with the banjo, bass, piano, accordion, mandolin, harmonica and those members who do vocals.

The typical jam starts on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 after a filling potluck. The first 20 minutes or so of the jam, all the musicians gather on the stage and jam the old favorites such as: Red Wing, Snow Deer, Maggie, Just Because, Faded Love, Jesse James, Red River Valley, You are my Sunshine, Coming Round the Mountain, Boil them Cabbages Down, etc. Then each musician has his or her time for usually two tunes – fiddle, or other instrument or a vocalist.

There are many different styles of fiddling most of them coming from the individual fiddler. The typical old time style may include hoedowns, waltzes, cowboy songs and many of the old tunes. The contest fiddler will play may play the tunes above or he or she may play tunes that have become popular for contests – some times called “Texas Style or Progressive Style.” There are many other styles: Celtic, Scottish, Irish, etc.

Fiddling knows no age limitation. You don’t have to be old, to be an old time fiddler.

Each month the members receive the Hoedowner which gives the news from the 11 districts – what happened last month and what is going to happen next month, results of contests, future meetings, and other news in general.

Every week-end somewhere in Oregon fiddlers gather in grange halls, senior centers, or where ever they can play music together. The public is invited to come to listen to the fiddle music. Other times members of the Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers Association can be heard at county fairs, in parades, in schools, at weddings and funerals, in nursing homes, at camp outs, picnics, and where ever they are invited.

Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014
Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association (OOTFA)
To promote, preserve and perpetuate Old Time Fiddling and Old Time music. To encourage everyone,
especially young people, to play the fiddle and appreciate Old Time Fiddling and Old Time music. To
provide regular times and places to meet to play this kind of music.
Section 1. Eligibility
Anyone, who is in agreement with the purposes of our organization, is eligible for membership.
Section 2. Classes of membership
A. Charter members.
These are the founding members of OOTFA
B. In-state members.
C. Out-of-state members.
D. Lifetime members
Any member or spouse who has been a paid up member for five (5) years and who reaches
the age of seventy (70) shall be eligible for a LIFETIME membership.
Section 3. Annual Dues
A. Charter Members and Lifetime Members are not required to pay dues.
B. Charter Members and Lifetime Members will not receive The Hoedowner by mail except
with payment of annual dues. It is available on-line.
C. All other members shall pay twenty-five ($25) dollars to receive The Hoedowner by mail or
twenty ($20) dollars for an electronic version. This includes an individual, a couple or a
household residing at the same address.
D. Payable on January 1 of each year.
E. Dues shall not be prorated except for new members.
1. Oregon is divided into Ten (10) Districts.
2. Each District has twenty-five (25) or more members and its own officers.
3. Any new District must have a minimum of twenty-five (25) members and be approved by the
State Board of Directors.
4. The counties comprising each District are as follows:
District 1. Klamath.
District 1E. Lake.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 1
District 3. Crook, Deschutes, Gilliam, Jefferson, Sherman, Wasco and Wheeler.
District 4. Douglas (southern part), Jackson and Josephine.
District 5. Coos, Curry, Douglas (western part), and Lane (western part).
District 6. Lane (eastern part), Linn and Benton.
District 7. Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Hood River, Multnomah and Washington.
District 8. Lincoln, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and Yamhill.
District 9. Baker, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Wallowa.
District 10. Douglas (from Canyonville North).
Section 1. Name of the State Officers
The state officers of OOTFA are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer (Secretary
and Treasurer may be combined)
Section 2. Duties of State Officers
A. President
1) Shall preside at all state meetings assisted by Vice President when necessary.
2) Present an Annual Report to the membership at the State Convention.
3) Appoint The Hoedowner Editor annually.
4) Appoint Parliamentarian annually.
5) Appoint the State Membership Chairman annually.
6) Appoint a committee to select person/persons for Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’
Association Norm Nash Distinguished Service Award.
7) Appoint an individual or committee to audit state and district books which shall be
closed on June 30 of each year and submitted by September 15 of each year to an
independent auditor.
8) Appoint one head teller and two assistant tellers for elections at the Spring Bi-Annual
Membership meeting.
9) Appoint a three (3) member screening committee to review grant applications for the
Kielhorn Funds. These members:
a) Are neither state nor district OOTFA officers.
b) Will serve for twelve (12) months.
c) Will have terms which need not be concurrent.
10)Appoint an individual or committee to coordinate the official Annual Oregon State Fiddle Contest.
11)Appoint an individual or committee to coordinate the State Convention.
12)And such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary
authority adopted by the OOTFA.
B. Vice President
1) Preside over the meetings in the absence of the President.
2) Be responsible for the Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association Norm Nash Distinguished
Service Award plaque and have the plaque available for display at the bi-annual
membership meetings.
3) And such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary
authority adopted by the OOTFA.
C. Secretary (may be combined with the Treasurer)
1) Take minutes of all state meetings.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 2
2) Facilitate the ballots of all the officers at the Spring Bi-annual meeting.
3) And such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary
authority adopted by the OOTFA.
D. Treasurer (may be combined with the Secretary)
1) Keep accurate account of all monies received. All monies received from
Membership Dues by the OOTFA and all monies from state functions shall be retained
by the State Association.
2) Keep accurate account of all business transactions.
a) Maintain the State financial accounts.
b) Oversee each District Financial accounts and transactions.
c) ALL OOTFA financial accounts are REQUIRED to have two signatures on all
checks. Only one person per household may be a signer.
3) Give full account at the Bi-Annual members meetings and the Board of
Directors Meetings.
4) Prepare a budget annually for the next fiscal year and present to the Board of
Directors for their approval at the summer quarterly meeting. In the event no budget
has been prepared, the previous budget will be in effect. As needed the Treasurer
should forewarn the board of potential shortfalls.
5) Give a written itemized report bi-annually to each district.
6) And such other duties applicable to the office as prescribed by the parliamentary
authority adopted by the OOTFA.
Section 1. Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will act as a nominating committee and shall submit names to the
secretary for each office for placement on the ballot. The members may nominate from the
floor if the nominee is present, or with written consent that his or her name be placed in
Section 2. Qualifications to serve as an officer
A. Shall be a member for at least one (1) year prior to taking office in July.
B. Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
C. Must be a resident of the state of Oregon.
Section 3. Restriction
Only one (1) person in a household may hold a State or District office at the same time. A member may not hold both a District office and a State office simultaneously.
Exception: Two (2) people in a household may hold office in the same district by authorization of the Board of Directors, but only one person per household may be a signer of District Checks.
Section 4. Eligibility to vote
A. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
B. Must be a current member of the OOTFA.
1) In-State Members
a) May hold District office and vote in District meetings only in the District in
which they reside.
b) They may also vote in State Bi-Annual Membership Meetings and Elections.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 3
2) Out-of-State Members may only vote in State Bi-Annual Membership Meetings and
Section 5. Elections of OOTFA State Officers
President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must be elected by secret ballot if two (2) or more names are placed in nomination for an office. If three (3) or more names are nominated for an office and one (1) does not receive the majority of the votes, the two (2) receiving the most shall be voted on again. Election will be held at the bi-annual State meeting held in March or April.
Section 6. Balloting
Ballots will be prepared with all the names for each office listed for that office. Ballots will be passed out by the tellers. When the voting is complete, all ballots will be collected by the tellers. The three (3) tellers will count ballots and report the tally back to the membership.The Tally sheet shall then be given to the President to then declare the winners for each office.
All ballots will be given to the Secretary.
Section 7. Beginning term of office
State Officers will take office on July 1st following the elections.
Section 8. Term of office
The term of office for each President and Vice-President elected State and District officer shall be one (1) year but not more than two (2) consecutive years except for Secretary and Treasurer who shall be exempt from the two (2) consecutive term limitation.
Section 9. Succession of officers
In the event that the President vacates the office, the Vice-President shall succeed for the balance of the term. In the event that any other elected officer vacates that office, the President will have the power to appoint a successor, with the approval of the Board of Directors, until the next bi-annual State meeting.
Section 10. Procedures for recalling state officers.
To recall a state officer of the Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association, Inc., fifty percent (50%) of all voting members in each district must sign a petition requesting recall and this petition shall be presented to the OOTFA Board of Directors for final action.
Section 11 – District Officers
A. District officers consist of a Chairman, Vice President or Co-Chairman, Secretary and
Treasurer. (The Secretary and Treasurer may be combined).
B. District officers will take office on July 1st following the elections.
C. Duties of District Officers shall be similar to those of State Officers, but on the District
D. Each District Secretary/Treasurer will furnish a monthly written itemized financial report to the State Secretary/Treasurer.
E. To recall a District officer of the OOTFA, fifty-one percent (51%) of all voting
members in the district must sign a petition requesting recall and this petition will be presented to the OOTFA Board of Directors for final action.
Section 1. State Meetings
A. Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association State Convention shall be held annually in either March or April. The State bi-annual meeting will be held in conjunction with this Convention.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 4
B. A second bi-annual State meeting shall be held in either August or September in conjunction with the fall Quarterly Board Meeting on the East side of the mountains.
Section 2. Notice of Bi-Annual State Meetings:
Notice of bi-annual State meetings shall be published in The Hoedowner at least thirty (30) days prior to that meeting.
Section 3. Special Meetings
The President and/or Board of Directors may call a Special Meeting, time and place of which shall be published in The Hoedowner, thirty (30) days prior to such Special Meeting.
Section 4. Quorum
A quorum for a bi-annual State meeting or for a special State meeting shall be fifty-five (55) members.
Section 5. Meeting Attendance by Officers
State and District Officers, because they are expected to attend all State Meetings, will be reimbursed for mileage at the rate of the published Federal Business reimbursement rate.
A. State to reimburse State Officers.
B. District to reimburse District Officers.
Section 6. District Meetings
A. Districts shall hold business meetings at least four (4) times each year.
B. A quorum, consisting of thirteen (13) voting members, must be present to conduct business.
C. After the Hall rent is deducted, each District shall pay to the State Treasurer twenty percent (20%) of all monies taken in by the Districts, with the exception of monies donated exclusively for scholarships.
D. All other expenses shall be paid from the balance.
Section 7. District Special Meetings
A. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or twenty percent (20%) of the District membership.
B. Whoever calls such special meeting shall be responsible for notifying district
membership, both as to time and place, thirty (30) days prior to such meeting, and twenty percent (20%) of the district membership must be present at that meeting to conduct business.
Section 8. Business Issues
Districts which have problems concerning members can bring them before the Board of
Directors for final disposition and each case to be reviewed and ruled upon individually.
Section 1. Board of Directors
Consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and all District Chairpersons or
Designated representatives.
Section 2. Meetings of Board of Directors
Board of Directors meetings shall be held quarterly each year and the State President shall be
the presiding officer. Any or all members of the Board of Directors may participate in a
regular or special meeting by, or conduct a meeting through, use of any means of
communication (in-person, telephonic or electronic) by which either of the following occurs:
A. All Directors participating may simultaneously hear or read each other’s comments during
the meeting; or
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 5
B. All electronic communications during the meeting are immediately transmitted to each participating Director, and each participating Director is able to immediately send messages to all other participating Directors. All participating Directors shall be informed that a meeting is taking place at which official business may be transacted.
Section 3. Quorum
Shall be seven (7) members of the Board of Directors.
Section 4. Special Meetings
May be called by the President or in a written request by at least three (3) members of the Board of Directors.
Section 5. Altering a Decision
The Board of Directors may never alter a decision of the membership assembly unless expressly authorized by the membership or the Bylaws.
Section 1. Standing Committees
The Board of Directors shall be a permanent standing committee.
Section 2. Appointed Committees
The President shall appoint all necessary special committees and shall be an ex-officio member of each appointed committee, except the Nominating Committee and the Kielhorn Funds Screening Committee. Special committees shall report to the President. This section shall apply to chairpersons at district level.
Section 3. District Committees
The District Chairman shall appoint at the District level.
Section 1. Robert’s Rules of Order
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the sole authority for all business conducted on state and district levels.
Section 2. Parliamentarian
Shall be appointed by the President with the Board of Directors approval and shall have final precedence.
Section 3. District Chairman
May appoint a Parliamentarian on the district level for their district.
Section 1. Voting
These BY-LAWS may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the eligible voting members present at any one of the bi-annual State meetings, or at any special meeting called for that purpose.
Section 2. Notice of intent to amend
Any proposal to amend these BY-LAWS must be advertised in our monthly publication, The Hoedowner, thirty (30) days prior to any one of the bi-annual State meetings, or special meeting called for the purpose of amending these BY-LAWS.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 6
To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Association shall indemnify and hold harmless all past, present, and future directors and officers as identified and defined in these BY-LAWS, and in its discretion and in accordance with laws, may indemnify and hold harmless any agent or employee of this Association and from all liabilities, expenses, and counsel fees reasonably incurred in
connection with all claims, demands, causes of action, and other legal proceedings to which they
may be subjected by reason of any alleged or actual action or inaction in the performance of the
duties of such director, officer, employee or agent on behalf of the Association, up to a maximum
of Five Thousand ($5000) Dollars, but in no case shall the Association be responsible for negligent or intentional acts.
This organization is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code:
“Notwithstanding any other provision of these articles, the corporation shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by a corporation exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law) or (b) by a corporation contributions to which are deductible under section 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (or corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law).”
“Upon the dissolution of this corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt
purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as per Oregon
Revised Statute 65.047(g).
The adoption of these BY-LAWS shall serve to void and replace all previous BY-LAWS, of
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 7
These Standing Rules may be amended by a simple majority vote of the eligible voting members present at the bi-annual membership meetings.
ARTICLE I. Instruments
Instruments with electrical amplifications, drums, woodwind instruments (except harmonica) and brass instruments are not permitted.
ARTICLE II. Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association Norm Nash Distinguished Service Award
Section 1. Selection and Award Process
A. The Districts will submit names of candidates to the President, who will appoint a committee to select the person/persons for the Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers Association Norm
Nash Distinguished Service Award.
B. We will have a plaque made with black name plates on it to be engraved with the inductee’s name.
C. This plaque should be displayed at all of our Quarterly functions and especially at the convention.
D. In addition, a certificate will be awarded to the inductee with the name “Oregon
Oldtime Fiddlers’ Association Norm Nash Distinguished Service Award”, with his/her
name and the year awarded.
E. This will be awarded at the annual convention in March or April.
Section 2. Criteria – A candidate:
A. Should have outstanding service to OOTFA’s goals.
B. Should have been a contributing member for a minimum of 5 years.
C. Contributions should strength OOTFA organization.
D. Should be more than holding office.
E. Deadline for nominations – January.
ARTICLE III. Official State Fiddle Contest Rules
1. National Fiddlers’ Certification and Advisory Council certifies qualified local, regional and state contests. Through certification, contests are recognized for their adherence to National Rules, standards for judging and desire to produce a quality fiddling event. First Place winners from a Certified Contest receive paid entry to National Contest, an evening showcase performance at
the National Contest and year-long recognition in the National Fiddlers’ Hall of Fame. Oregon
State Fiddle Contest is a certified contest.
2. Oregon State Fiddle Contest has nine (9) divisions:
A. CHAMPIONSHIP (Open) No age limit.
B. SENIOR-SENIOR Seventy (70) years of age or older.
C. SENIOR Sixty (60) through sixty-nine (69) years of age.
D. ADULT Thirty seven (37) through fifty-nine (59) years of age.
E. YOUNG ADULT Eighteen (18) through thirty-six (36) years of age.
F. JUNIOR Thirteen (13) through seventeen (17) years of age.
G. JUNIOR-JUNIOR Nine (9) through twelve (12) years of age.
H. PEE-WEE Under nine (9) years of age.
I. TWIN FIDDLING No age limit.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 8
3. Championship Division:
A. Anyone who feels qualified may be a Championship Division contestant.
B. Any Championship Division winner who wins three (3) consecutive years shall not be
eligible to enter a fourth (4th) year. He/she may choose to sit out the fourth (4th) year or
serve as a contest judge before competing again as a Championship Division contestant.
4. All Divisions:
A. Being a First Place winner in any division, except twin fiddling, of a certified contest
entitles winners to participate in the certified contest at the National Old Time Fiddle
Contest held in Weiser, Idaho, the third full week in June.
B. OOTFA will pay the registration fee for a state winner entering the certified contest.
5. General Oregon State Fiddle Contest Rules:
A. Contestants in the Oregon Old Time Fiddle Contest shall:
1). Have resided in Oregon continuously for six (6) months prior to contest day.
2). Hold a current valid individual OOTFA membership card prior to entering the
3). Qualify for competition by payment of entry fee as established by the Contest
4). Be eligible to enter one (1) division only, and/or Twin Fiddling Division.
B. A drawing will be held before each round for order of appearance.
C. Contestants at each appearance must play: first, a hoedown; second a waltz; third a tune of
their choice other than a hoedown or waltz. No tune shall be played more than once by a
contestant during all his/her appearances. Total playing time shall be limited to no more
than four (4) minutes for each round.
D. Contestants may choose to play without accompanists, or with no more than three (3)
E. Any danceable tunes played in the Old Time Fiddle style are acceptable.
F. Contact microphones and/or amplified instruments are not permitted.
G. No printed music or tablature of any kind will be allowed on stage during a contest.
H. No “trick” or “fancy” fiddling is permitted during contestants’ appearances.
I. Judging of all Divisions except Twin Fiddling will be scored for Old Time ability, dance
ability, rhythm, tone quality and time. All scores will be cumulative, and points will be
deducted for violations of above rules ‘C’ through ‘H’ inclusive.
J. An additional fee, established by the Contest Committee must be paid at registration time
by all contestants who want total contest scores mailed to them.
K. Any protest must be submitted to the Contest Committee within three (3) hours of a protest
L. Up to five (5) judges will be selected by a Contest Committee appointed by OOTFA
M. All committee and judges’ decisions are final.
N. Judges will score all Divisions, using a standard scoring chart furnished by the Contest
Committee, except for the Twin Fiddling Division. The Twin Fiddling chart is covered
under Specific Contest Rules.
O. OOTFA Board of Directors shall make all other decisions pertaining to Oregon State
Fiddle Contest.
P. Judges will use the following in all Divisions except the Twin Fiddling Division:
1). Old time ability
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 9
2). Dance ability
3). Tone quality
4). Rhythm
5). Time
6). Judges are to use the “one total score” system ranging from 60-100 points for each tune.
Judges should never score a contestant below 60.
Q. Any first place winner in any Division, except Championship (Open) Division and Twin
Fiddling Division, who wins Oregon State Fiddle Contest for two (2) consecutive years
shall not be eligible to enter a third (3rd) year. He/she may choose to compete in
Championship Division, Twin Fiddling, serve as a judge for Oregon State Fiddle Contest,
or sit out one year before competing again in his/her age division.
6. Specific Oregon State Fiddle Contest Rules:
A. Twin Fiddling: These rules are specific to Twin Fiddling only.
1). Division: This is only one division and is open to all ages.
2). Limitations: Contestants in this division may enter only once during each State
Contest. Both contestants must be a member of OOTFA, and one of the
contestants must be a six (6) month resident of Oregon.
3). Tunes: This contest is limited to playing only one (1) tune (a medley is
acceptable) by each team. This division shall have only one (1) round, but if
judges score a tie, a different tune must be played by each team involved, other
than the tune played previously.
4). Time: Three (3) minutes playing time. Ten (10) points will be deducted from the
total score for every thirty (30) seconds, or portion thereof, which exceeds three
(3) minutes, ten (10) seconds.
5). Accompanists: Each team may have not more than three (3) accompanists, and
accompanists must not play melody.
6). Judging: Judging shall be based on these following categories:
a). Rhythm: Judges should be able to detect an ordered, recurrent
alternation of strong and weak elements in a tune’s flow of sound.
b). Time: Judges should be able to detect a grouping of beats akin to
rhythm, played at a proper, constant speed for the duration of most
tune sections.
c). Difficulty and arrangement of tune: An intricate tune requiring greater
technique will score higher than a simple tune in this contest.
d). Appropriateness of harmony and manner in which each player
compliments each other: Harmony should be appropriate to the tune
chords, and long passages of unison notes should be avoided.
Points will be deducted if one player plays alone for more than just a
few notes. Twin Fiddlers should use their bows to phrase similarly or
in a manner which compliments their partner’s playing.
e). Intonation and clarity of tone: Notes should be clear, precise and in
tune. Points will be deducted for squeaks or scratchy tones.
f).Tastefulness in harmony notes will be considered in awarding points
in this category.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 10
ARTICLE IV. Kielhorn Funds
1. Endowment Fund
This OOTFA Fund was set up in 2012 due to the generosity of Norman and Hattie Kielhorn.
OOTFA has a bequest that has been directed to be used specifically:
A. To purchase equipment for use at concerts;
B. To conduct music camps for Oregon youth; and
C. To promote the appreciation of ‘old time fiddle music’ among Oregon’s youth.
2. General Definitions
A. Concerts a performance of music by players or singers for an audience that does not
involve theatrical staging (this is not the same as a jam).
B. Promote – further the progress of something (esp. a cause, venture, or aim); supporter
actively encourage; -or- give publicity to a product, organization, or venture so as to
increase public awareness.
C. Appreciation – a sensitive awareness, recognition of value.
D. Equipment – sound equipment used for live performances such as microphones, amplifiers,
speakers, stands, cords, etc.
E. Youth – any person 18 years of age and under.
3. Long-term Endowment Fund
A. A large portion of this bequest has been set up as a permanent Endowment Fund. The
principle amount of the endowment will not be spendable, only the interest that it earns.
This will establish a long-term legacy for OOTFA and perhaps encourage other members to
make a planned gift to continue to expand the fund. Such gifts could be directed donations
with additional considerations on how the funds would be used.
B. With the remainder of the Kielhorn funds, we have established a grant fund that is
administered by the OOTFA Board of Directors. Annual interest from the endowment
account shall be added to this grant fund. The Board of Directors approval of grant funding
is based on this application.
C. Submission and reviews of grant requests can occur at any time.
4. Grant Application Criteria
A. Applications can be obtained from either OOTFA State or District Officers
B. Grants can be submitted by an individual but must come from an OOTFA District and be
approved by at least two of the District officers.
C. All grants must comply with the directed usage specifications.
D. No one grant may be for a sum to exceed two thousand five hundred ($2,500) dollars.
E. Grants should not be for individuals, families, or for very small groups.
F. Grants cannot be for individual private instruction.
G. Grants can be used to pay for specific services provided by a non OOTFA member or
company, but cannot be used to support an activity from an organization that is not a 501(c)
(3) corporation.
H. Grant application must be complete and signed.
I. Grant monies will be forwarded by check to the OOTFA district treasurer for dispersing.
J. An accounting of grant monies received and paid out by the district will be included in the
district monthly treasurer’s report to the state treasurer.
K. Grant funds cannot be used for general operating funds of an OOTFA District or a thirdparty
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 11
5. Grant Application Process
A. The application should contain:
1) The complete five pages of the application.
2) Additional explanation pages.
3) Budget sheet(s) as needed.
B. Upon completion, submit the package to district officers. They will review and sign, then
forward to the OOTFA Treasurer for the remainder of the review/approval process.
C. The application may be faxed or attached to an email but must be followed by delivering
the original document to the OOTFA Secretary within ten (10) days.
D. The screening committee and OOTFA Board of Directors reviews may be done
electronically, if needed, provided sufficient documentation is maintained.
E. The Secretary will forward the application to the three (3) member screening committee
1) Are appointed by the President.
2) Serve for twelve (12) months.
3) Are neither State or District officers.
4) Have terms which need not be concurrent.
F. The screening committee will submit the application with the committee’s
recommendations to the OOTFA Board of Directors for action. All actions and/or
approvals will be by simple majority.
ARTICLE V. Revisions Supersede All Previous Standing Rules. Adoption of these Standing Rules
shall serve to void, replace and supersede all previous Standing Rules of OOTFA.
Revised and Adopted April 12, 2014: OOTFA Bylaws & Standing Rules Page 12

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Rosin Dust Blue Mtn Old Time Fiddlers Association November 1, 2015

Here is the interesting issue of the Rosin Dust from the BMOTFA for November 2015

Click here to open.

RD 11 2015

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Burns Country Jamboree, June 18, 2015

A great time at the Burns Country Jamboree June 18, 2015

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Burns Thursday 2015__

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Oregon Fiddle Contest and Convention participants and their tunes, 2015

This is interesting information —  took time — finally got it done. Hope you find it interesting.

Oregon State Convention

Oregon State Fiddle Contest

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Convention 2015 pictures and videos by Lyle Dixson

Lew, et al,
The link below takes you to a music stream of the music (taken
from the videos I recorded) at the April 2015 Oregon OTF Convention.


Please share with anyone who might enjoy the good jamming during the convention.

On the web go to http://www.YouTube.com/FiddleSupporter

Photos will be posted on http://fiddling.dateq.net/ once I have time to select and crop them, etc.

You all put on a wonderful Convention and I enjoyed every moment!

Lyle Dixson

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State Convention Jams 2015

1 Wednesday

2 Thursday

3 Friday night 2015

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Bill Gandy Story

Bill Gandy was a 90plus year old fiddler in Southern Oregon. A sharp, interesting old man. Here is his story written to me. I would like to share it with you.

Click here –

The old home place

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Contest 2015 all contestant scores


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