Hoedowner September 1, 2014

Here is our September Hoedowner
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Hoedowner August 1, 2014

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Sierra Swing

Here is another version of Sierra Swing — different than the June Hoedowner.
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17 Sierra Swing

A great youtube of Marvin Standiford and Wally Bloom playing Sierra Swing can be found at

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Kielhorn Endowment Application (5-13-14)


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Contest 2014 – Contestants and their tunes

Contestants and tunes

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Convention Friday night show 2014 and Thursday night jam

Friday Night Convention Show 2014

Thursday night State Convention

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Contest Results 2014

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Contest places by divisions

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Membership Application and information

This is the latest form and information for 2014 membership

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District 8 Fiddle Jams – 2012 — 2013

Here are District 8 fiddle jams from early in 2012 to September of 2013 with players, their home town, instruments, tunes and when available, their picture.
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District 8 Jams Nr 2

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Bunky McFee Fiddle Music

Thought maybe you might enjoy some fiddle music played by Bunky. Nobody else played like Bunky. I must find some video of him and post it.
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